How to Complete Your Homework Quickly

To complete your homework quickly, here are steps and guidelines that will help you do that below:

  1. Start with the most difficult and then proceed to the easiest

This is a test-taking technique from Barbara Oakley’s A Mind for Numbers – and it’s all about homework problems.

Here’s how you’re doing:

  • Browse your assigned homework to identify some of the tougher topics, and then start with them.
  • Unless you’re stuck after a minute or two, unplug and move over to a simpler problem. Upon solving a couple of them, you can get back to the tougher question – and you’ll always find that it’s simpler to understand than it was before.

This approach works due to the extreme fact that your brain functions in two different modes of thinking: concentrated mode and refracted mode.

Concentrated-mode is when you explicitly focus solely on a major issue and try to work through it objectively.

At the other side, Oakley notes,

“Diffused-mode learning is what occurs whenever you ease your concentration and let your mind drift. This easing can allow different parts of the brain to come together and give back important insights … Diffuse-mode insights almost always flow from the preliminary thinking that has been done in the focused mode.”

What that implies is that to solve complex problems, you do need patterns of thinking.

Next, you would need to work as hard as you can to “prime the pump” with concentrated thought before you let your mind relax and let diffuse thinking do its thing.

Through using this method, you can fire more areas of the brain and assist you in solving these problems.

  1. Have all details of Class sample problems recorded

It would be best if you had complete notes to be able to learn well and remain comfortable. There’s no way to get around that.

And what if your teacher is the guy who walks around or talks excessively fast?

Here are some ideas to help you take some notes:

  • Record the questions and the answer first, before writing down the solution

Sample questions in the classroom are the best way of making sure you’re learning the correct content while you’re preparing for the exams.

This helps make it easier for you to study after class because even if you don’t know exactly how to solve the question, you can always work from the answer. And if you’re stuck, you can still get help from Google, YouTube, or a friend or check out these fair mypaperwriter reviews.

The whole note-taking methodology works particularly well when you’re starting to fall behind during the class discussion because your teacher is explaining as fast as Kendrick Lamar raping the DNA Bridge.

  • Memorize how you’re trying to educate somebody else.

Ask yourself, “If I had to learn this lesson from the beginning with just my notes, what knowledge would I need? Each little bit of knowledge helps once you’re navigating on a math problem, and an unexpectedly seems to have been turned into a ninja turtle, anywhere between steps 1 and 2.

You can also check out YouTube for full videos for the best ways to get better notes faster.

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