Should Homework Be Banned?

Various students have asked many questions about the stop of the practice question. And as well as being argued by many schools of thought.

Taking analysis from the report given shows that questions given as assignments would take more time to solve and provide solutions than those in their classrooms. And also giving points to support and fully agree on banning homework or not. Most articles supported student attitudes to after class works that are time demanding and stressful.

Studies have shown that the reasons why students don’t turn up with their homework are the following;

  1. Downtime at home

Several times, students often want to feel their young age after they must have sat long hours in class or from one lecture room to another. They would like to create time with friends, parents, and watch TV and play video games with friends.

  1. Extra schedules

50% of students combine homework with their business activities or part-time jobs. They are making it difficult to have a total focus on the assignment given.

  1. Doesn’t improve their academic performance

A student who spent like 2 to 4 hours on an assignment would likely not make a reading plan. As they feel these times spent on their homework had covered that.

  1. Lack of Support

Rational intentions of whether homework should get banned are that most instructors fail to clarify everything needed to solve the lesson. And parents can’t help with every assignment given.

  1. Unrelated content

If the homework does not have anything to do with the topic learned in class, then banning it is the way to go.

Benefits of supporting the ban on homework

A ban on homework will cause an open mine to view and be on the screen for a longer period damaging their eyesight when it becomes a continuous act. A responsible lifestyle and performance are the advantages of homework.

  1. Progressive sense of freedom

Most students attempt to acquire more spaceā€”a chance to work independently and examine personal weaknesses.

  1. Boost time management

Assignment after class is the fairest means to improve critical thinking skills, individuality, remembrance, and confidence.

  1. Intelligence and critical thinking

Assignments are given after the class to boost the memory to recall things quickly.

  1. Improved research skills

Students seek academic help through detailed sources and references to solve their homework.

  1. Preparations

It is not very suitable for educators to give an assignment a day to their examinations. The assignment is mostly given because it prepares the student for possible expectations on their examination.

  1. Positive attitude to work

Assignments encourage students to seek support from their parents or friends, creating communication between parents and students.

Should homework be banned? There is a division of opinion from the article above, which doesn’t necessarily justify the outright banning of homework. It instead gives reasons why homework should be banned, meaning, if homework and after-school tasks meet certain requirements as stipulated above, there is no need to place a ban on homework.

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