Narrative Writing Assignment High School

Narrative essays are arguably the oldest forms of academic writing. It is, however, noteworthy that some students still struggle when it comes to composing the best papers. Thus, the big question everyone asks is what does it take to craft winning essays? Also, what is the difference between a student who does exceptionally well in essay writing and another who hardly gets good grades?

While this post will emphasize the art of writing, especially how to tackle narrative assignment at a high school level, students should not take it takes a lot of practice to perfect one’s writing skills. In any case, students who want to complete narrative essays fast yet still get good grades must understand that there is more beyond what teachers instruct in the classroom. So, are you ready to get started? Well, read on to learn more.

A great topic wins it all

Every student wishes to craft the best narrative essay assignment. But you should note that without a good topic, your efforts would be meaningless. Thus, the big question you should ask at this point is what makes a good topic? Also, what does it take to come up with the best topic? Well, a good topic should be precise, brief and attention-grabbing. A topic should only contain a few words, say five at most. Or, you could go with the recommended sentence length of 7-8 words.

On what it takes to craft the best essay topic for a narrative writing assignment, there are many ways to go about it. You can make use of essay prompts, brainstorm or get a topic idea by reading narrative examples. Most importantly, your topic must give readers a clue about your write-up. Always remember that topics for narratives involve creativity and should not sound informational, argumentative or expository. Thus, feel free to be as wildly creative as possible.

Pick your genre

In narrative literary composition, students have the freedom of choosing from any genre. Narrative assignments allow flexibility hence feel free to choose a niche that meets your creativity. You can go with drama, fable, fiction, reality, myth, love story, mystery, tragedy and more. Most importantly, be creative.

Have a plot

Narratives must have a plot, without which you will hardly get any marks. A plot is how events unfold in a story. Usually, a plot takes an upward trajectory before declining. The peak marks the juicy part of your story. The end determines whether your story is about tragedy, drama, or any other genre. You can always use suspense, which is a powerful way of ending a story. It always leaves readers yearning for more. However, take note that a good story does not stop. Instead, it ends.


Narrative essays must also have characters. They are who and who in a story. There must be a protagonist and antagonist characters. You can have as many characters as possible, provided their roles are clearly stated in your story. But for easy writing, use characters you can manage without confusing would-be readers.

Dealing With Middle School Writing Assignment

At each phase of their education, students must be inspired to hone and improve their writing abilities. When kids are actually in college, they discover how to begin writing their ideas on paper. No matter the topic they teach, all school faculties must incorporate the process of writing into their curriculum. On top of helping them with their academics, high school students can make use of writing to help you overcome individual issues they might have. From college, high school, and higher, students are going to receive numerous writing assignments on various subjects. Children are allowed by regular writing to express their ideas and could familiarize them with some different writing styles, including persuasive, descriptive, and explanatory essays. The application of created notices for high school students provides kids with innovative ways and fun to explore their writing abilities and the ability to believe and express them on paper. It is usually hard to draw in the attention of high school students, but creative writing communications keep students motivated and keen on writing. Below are exercises for high school students, which will inspire short, plays, and poetry stories.

  • Out Of A Hat

    Observe various models of creative writing, like poetry, remarkable writing, fiction, and memories. Shuffle them and pick one. Then look at genres that are different, like romance, mystery, adventure, comedy, or even horror. Lastly, notice a range of suggestive labels, like dinosaur, cactus, drive-in, librarian, pool table, etc. Select some names and a style at random and make text in this style and genre, which somehow includes those names.

  • Color Inspiration

    Choose a color and allow it to be the guiding design of your story, scene, or poem. Think about the emotions, objects as well as functions related to that other color. Let color run through the story of yours in a subtle and obvious way.

  • Musical Interlude

    Choose a song or perhaps a series of songs with no lyrics. Let the rhythm of the shape is inspired by the music and content of your story. Just how do different instruments start to be objects or perhaps characters different in your space? How can breaks in music influence the plot or maybe the framework of your composition?

  • Capture It

    Find an image in an intriguing magazine or perhaps postcard. Make use of the image to inspire a bit of writing. Just how does the picture resonate with you? What does that remind you of? In case you feel especially ambitious, find a series of independent pictures and make an effort to create the story which connects them.

  • Walk On The Creative Side

    Walk around your area and write down the new issues you think around. How’s the atmosphere? What kinds of plants can you see? Is there anyone else who is walking? Pick everything you notice to encourage new creative writing.

How To Finish Homework Fast: Tips For Students

Home works are the most dreadful task for students. It is sometimes bulky, time-consuming, and filled with a lot of research. How then can you finish home works quicker?
You had every intention to finish your homework before its due date, but you find yourself staring at your textbook and wondering where to start from when you should have started earlier, and now you have few hours to go and a lot of them to do. That can be very frustrating and time-consuming. When you have a lot to do, it can be hard to work effectively.
However, by staying focused and planning out how you spend your time, you will be able to get your homework done on time and have the needed rest you deserve.
This article will give you tips and guidelines on how to write and finish your homework fast.
But, before that, let’s take a little review on why most students might decide to leave their homework until the last minute.

Reasons Students Leave Their Homework Till The Last Minute

First to go on the list is:

  • Procrastination: Procrastination is something that happens to almost everyone. ‘’I’ll get it done. Just a few minutes.” Someone might procrastinate getting their assignments done because they feel the deadline might still be too far, and as such, they consider it something unimportant.
  • Part-time job: Some students work part-time, especially if they are living alone in college, making ends meet. Their jobs might be demanding to the extent they do not have time for themselves and may end up neglecting their academic work.
  • Absence of better materials: If there are no better materials to help assist your work, you might end up prolonging it.

Guidelines And Tips On How To Write Your Homework Fast

  • Draft out a planned time: Make a list of the homework you have and draft out a time that you are sure you will follow! Taking note of how much time you have will help you minimize how you dilly-dally. You could set a timer to help you with the minutes.
  • Stay on track: If your work is something that requires you to go online, it can be very easy to sidetrack and surf other unimportant topics online. A better option would be to make a note of what it is you are searching for so it will be easy to find online.
  • Eliminate all kinds of distraction: If you are the type who gets a lot of calls or likes checking your email for notifications from social media, this will be the time you switch those off. You could put your phone on silence, airplane mode, or let your friends know that you will be busy at a particular moment and will be needing privacy.

  • Get your homework done on time: Saying you will get it done after you rest from a long day in school might just result in you prolonging it. While it’s advisable to rest after school, make sure you prioritize your time and importance.

So here you have it, use these guidelines always to finish your homework fast. Remember that homework is building blocks for good grades.

Who Can Do My Math Homework: Hiring A Skilled Tutor?

The best way to get help with your math homework is to get a skilled tutor. Someone who can work one on one with you that actually knows what they are doing. There is no shame in getting the help that you need to be successful. Individuals who excel at math likely make a significant amount of money in their fields. You need to be successful at math to be successful in the future so you should take it serious.

Finding the right tutor is very important. Here are some ways to make sure that you are choosing the right one to get the job done.

  1. Make a list of sites that offer these services
  2. There are a bunch of online tutors out there. There are many services that can connect you with someone who will work with your personally to get your homework done and help you understand the concepts that you need to be successful on your tests as well. You should make a small list of no more than ten of the top companies that you see that you want to use.

  3. Do some research
  4. Do a little research on each of these companies to get to know a little more about them. Identify how long they have been in business and the services that they offer.

  5. Read outside reviews
  6. You can read reviews from outside sources if you can find them.

  7. Ask questions
  8. If you have any questions, it is best to ask before choosing a company. You will not only be able to make an informed decision but you will also be able to know how easy it is to get a response when you need one.

  9. Identify prices
  10. Take a look at the prices as well. How much do they charge an hour? This will ultimately be an important factor in the decision making process.

  11. Narrow down search
  12. Now that you have all of the evidence that you need to make an informed decision, you can start to narrow it down. You should choose three companies and then narrow them down further to one. This makes it a lot easier than trying to choose from ten companies down to one. You will have all of the information that you need to choose the right tutor.

Finding Qualified Help With Math Homework Questions

Most students don’t like to deal with homework in mathematics. It’s a difficult subject that involves plenty of complex calculations. If you have issues with math home tasks, you may ask someone else to help you. However, it’s advisable to approach qualified sources if you want to get decent assistance. This article has a list of methods that almost any student can try.

How to Find Professional Assistance with Homework in Mathematics

  1. Go to your math teacher.
  2. If you have assignments that you don’t know how to deal with, you may come to your teacher to ask them for an explanation. Teachers should help students in need and good teachers always do their best to provide thorough and clear explanations.

  3. Approach your math teacher’s assistant.
  4. This option is also rather good. Although teaching assistants are young and inexperienced, their education is more than enough to solve all your tasks. They may even share direct solutions with you if you initiate a good relationship with them.

  5. Go to study groups.
  6. If you lack concentration when dealing with your math tasks, this option is for you. Your school should run study groups after classes where students do their home assignments under the surveillance of a teacher. You’ll be able to this teacher for advice if some concept is unclear to you.

  7. Look for educational centers.
  8. There should be organizations in your town where you can take courses in order to improve your skills in mathematics. They won’t assist you with your calculus homework directly but their lessons should help you successfully solve your tasks on your own.

  9. Hire a tutor.
  10. This option is fairly expensive but it’s also very effective. A professional tutor can adjust to almost any student and teach them everything that they should know about the subject very quickly. If you find a good tutor among your acquaintances, you may get a good discount.

Buying Solutions to Your Math Tasks

Instead of getting advice on how to solve your assignments, you may purchase direct answers from professional writers or online agencies. Both options are effective but they have a few differences. Individual writers usually ask less payment for their services but they specialize only in one subject. The work of online companies costs more but they can help you with homework in different subjects because they have a lot of writers in their staff. The most important thing that you should remember is that you should check your source for reliability before conducting a deal because there are plenty of fraudsters on the web.

Risk-Free Ways To Get Chemistry Homework Answers

In this paper will be ways of getting chemistry homework answers with no risk. Unfortunately, when getting answers to math questions, the answer is either wrong or right with no in-between. Doing business with sites that always give the correct answers is the only path to take. Knowing where to find these sites means only positive progress in your education. Getting the service done with no risk only makes the job less stressful. There are always ways of getting things done if you put the right amount of effort. There will also be services and people that will use whatever it takes to make money without ever caring about the negative feedback a student will receive with handing in wrong material. Knowing who and what to look for in getting the answers will help the process along. The following places are the locations that will give those answers with no risk of being wrong.

  • Online tutors – The nice thing about using these sites are the personal you are relying on to come through with the answers. Tutors are made up of mostly retired teachers and other experts who worked in the math field. The last person who would want to have the reputation of giving wrong answers are teachers.
  • Homework help sites – These sites rely almost totally on repeat business. The last thing they need is to give out wrong answers that get around to other students and that would cause a quick end to such a site.
  • Textbook resources – These sites work in accordance with your textbooks. These textbook companies include programs online to help entice the teachers to purchase their books for classwork.
  • Math department – your math department sets up sessions of time where you get tutored by volunteers that either have the student’s best interest at heart or other students that receive credit for working with other students that need the help
  • Library – The library is a place that have been modernized to accommodate the needs of the students in today’s study materials. Librarians are qualified to help students in many areas of study. They also have knowledge of where to go for answers they cannot provide.
  • Video tutorials – learn to work through the course on your own. They stay with the questions until you have a complete understanding of the material.

Any of these suggestions listed above can get you the information you need. In order to get immediate help, go to (insert your website here) and get exactly what you are looking for. All you need to do is look in the right place to get the information you need.

Where Can I Get Free Accounting Homework Answers?

Many students struggle with accounting principles. They work towards understanding the concepts and learning how to handle various transactions. Accounting is one of those subjects that most students struggle with because there are just so many different formulas and transactions that you have to account for. Every single transaction has to be represented in the accounting reports. When you are looking for help with your accounting homework, there are a few places to try.

Educational websites

One of the most effective places to find accounting homework help is on educational websites. These websites are designed to explain various concepts and to show individuals information to help them understand how to complete their assignments. You can learn vocabulary words, how to complete various reports, and how to report different transactions.

Text book resources

Most text books will include online resources that you can use to help you learn the information. There is usually a link that is listed in the front of the book that you can go to that will give you information that will enhance the text. They will usually have study questions that you can use to study. They usually also include vocabulary words or flashcards. It is a great way to study.


A great way to get the answers to your homework questions is by using a tutor. If you are really struggling, you want to get a tutor who will work to teach you the information. They can explain the concepts and work with you to make sure that you stay on track. They can offer some personalized services while working at your pace.

Video Tutorials

Another great place to find information is to view some video tutorials. They can teach you how to complete all sorts of reports and work through many questions. The best part is that you can pause the videos if you get behind and watch them as many times as you need. It is like having a tutor who won’t get mad that it took you thirty times to understand how to find the cost of goods sold figure.

There are great places that you can find the information that you are looking for to get your homework answers. It is the best idea to find the answers to your questions right away instead of waiting until you are too far behind.

What To Do If You Got Lots Of Homework Useful Tricks From A Straight-A Student

High school and college is difficult for every student. This is why you need all the help that you can get, especially if it comes from another student. Very often people will give you advice, but they are not always more documented than you, so you must be very careful on what you follow. The best option is to study on your own, and ask for assistance only when you really need it. In this way you will get knowledge, experience and you will be able to handle your homework on your own in the future. Follow these tips to make everything easier:

  • Find a biology homework buddy. If you are not good in a certain subject, it might be a good idea to complete your study with a colleague that knows more than you. In this way, you can ask any questions without feeling shy, you can discuss freely and he knows how to explain the information on your level.
  • Get an online tutor. It’s not comfortable to pay money for a tutor, especially without knowing how much you can learn from him. An online, free tutor can be a good alternative, as long as you know what to search for. You must make sure that you can discuss comfortably with that person, and that your programs are compatible. Even if you are free for study in the evening, maybe the other person is not. Both of you must be honest from the beginning, and establish some rules that work for both of you.
  • Make research on any subject. Even when you are not studying for a particular subject, read a book or some interesting articles. Believe us, sooner or later that information will be useful and soon you will discover that knowledge is helpful in any situation. You can develop your vocabulary, learn how to write in good way and explore your imagination. There are many benefits for reading, and it is a good way to spend your time.
  • Don’t be shy to ask questions. When you did not understand something, or you need to listen again to the explanation, don’t keep quiet. It’s better to ask for supplementary explanations from the very beginning, when the information is still fresh in your mind. Once you memorize something that is incorrect, it can be tricky to replace that information with the correct one.

Middle School Math Homework Help: How to Do Your Assignments Effectively

Now every parent of every middle school student will tell you that from time to time there will be some aspect of mathematics which is just too difficult for their child. If the parent has little or no knowledge of maths themselves they will be doubly confused. And everyone knows that it is vitally important for senior high school and college studies involving mathematics, that the fundamentals are well and truly understood by every middle school student. This is their foundation for future studies and must be as solid as possible.

Remember too that mathematics homework does cover a variety of subjects including algebra, geometry and fractions just for the beginning. One of the best ways to get on top of the assignments set for your middle school math homework is to have access to ideal help.

There are many resources available

Of course you can discuss the matter with your mathematics teacher at school but when it comes to homework, access to an expert is simply not an option. You’re lucky if you have a family member who knows the subject and can help but otherwise you need to turn to another resource. In most cases this can be found online.

One of the really exciting benefits of assistance with your assignments for middle school math homework is that the truly professional operators have taken full advantage of the technology. There is now a wide range of videos you can watch online where mathematical homework concepts and problems are discussed in simple and great detail. You have your own online, in-house teacher.

Then there are blogs and question and answer sessions where you can join in on a group basis or if necessary, on a one-to-one basis. Never again need you be at home struggling with the maths assignment and feeling miserable because you simply don’t know how to solve the problem.

Of course you need to carry out due diligence on the various online homework help websites but the best have been in business for many years, charge competitive fees and take full advantage of the technology making communication easy, affordable and seriously beneficial. Remember that you are dealing with a professional editor and that is their trade. This is not a fellow student or family member but a writer with serious editing experience. Sometimes a little professional help can make all the difference between a good mark and a very good mark.

How To Find Trustworthy Homework Sites For College Students

College is a very busy time for the average student and it is during this stage that many clever, time saving methods are developed. Why are these methods necessary? Well, college students are often way more interested in having a good time than doing their homework, however, college can be expensive so smart students know that they can’t afford to fail as well.

Modern day students are quite fortunate to have access to the many resources they do. For example, most people are able to browse the internet from a hand held device, from just about any location. This feature is highly advantageous to students that know how to make use of the internet to help them with their studies. The following is simple guide to show you how to find trustworthy homework sites:

  1. Word of mouth
  2. The best way to find out about a service or business is to ask a friend and this applies online as well. Ask around your school or workplace, try to find someone who has also purchased academic services. By listening to their account of the experience, you should be able to easily decide whether or not a particular company is the choice for you.

  3. Read reviews
  4. People often leave accounts of their experiences with different companies on noticeboard and forums, online. By reading these reviews, you can get a good idea of which companies provide good service. You can gain access to different reviews by entering a query on any good search engine.

  5. Trial periods
  6. Sometimes, even when you find a company that seems okay, you can never be sure whether or not your are correct in this assumption. For this reason, it is always best to give companies a small, cheap task to complete, to test their authenticity.

  7. Credibility checks
  8. As more money is consumed on the internet, the need for security has risen as well. Naturally, various companies have risen to the challenge and actively perform trials on different companies, then give the public objective accounts of the experience. This can be a reliable way to find out information about different companies.

  9. Payment schemes
  10. The first warning bell can often be a company’s rush for payments. Always avoid companies that seem to be in too much of a hurry to have your money released to them. This way you can always ensure you receive your work before you part with your cash.