Who Invented Homework, and Why?

After class work is an integral part of the learning process, enhancing easier and productive skill. The question of who invented homework starts to pop. What is the name of that clever person to believe in the magic of homework, and when was assignment invented? And what is the preliminary cause of homework?

Questions discussed here will help us find answers to who invented homework and the worth of after-class works.

Brief History

Historically, homework began in ancient Rome when teachers instructed their listeners and followers to participate in-home activities. This practice aimed to help students develop their communication skills in a different environment other than the classroom. After some impressive results, this approach became an act that gained popularity among learners till now.

By the end of the 19th century, homework became a critical aspect of learning. This period saw the introduction of numerous modifications; the most notable of these modifications was deciding what task given depends on the tutor.

Homework is an independent endeavor required of all students at one point or the other. Tremendous importance is attached to the student’s ability to study independently and set rules to help them achieve the purpose the homework given is supposed to serve.

  1. It has to be feasible.
  2. It must not come at the commencement of the class, rather at the end of the class.

Learning at home contributes to the everyday reading process. One of the important tasks in modern school is dealing with it to improve the best of teaching. As homework has proven to be an exceptional tool, an individual who invented homework is the actual hero in this regard.

Roberto Nevelis, who invented homework, understood the importance of engaging the students in extra work and how efficient it can be. Thanks to his invention, there has been continuous improvement in learning and assimilation amongst students worldwide.

An educator who adheres to the typical view on studying method believes that homework is a real situation for efficient academic activities. According to the inventor who brought about the invention of homework, he said that it is a way to strengthen students’ initiative, individuality, and creative imagination.

The main purpose of homework

This educational project offers learners the opportunity to work, independently diagram the course of study, involving a crucial source of Information viewed at consolidation, and expand more than a few competencies necessary for unbiased work.

Education is a strong-willed child’s effort in mastering the abilities of instructional work with the formation of students’ lookup skills.

The role of homework in improving the educational quality

One fundamental importance of homework is that it helps in the assimilation and understanding of concepts. However, an assignment cannot control a student, but it increases the student’s time dedicated to the subject. In such a way that you can systematize understanding won in the class and sharpen capabilities on a specific topic. The intention of this mission is to consolidate learning and exercise the abilities obtained in the lesson.

5 Ideas to Make Homework Fun for Your Kids

After spending those long exhausting hours in school, children come home to face another round in the name of the assignment. It is not an easy task because several times and effort go into getting these after-school tasks completed. Sometimes, as a parent, you have to plead and even coerce them against their will, which becomes more difficult at every attempt. Some kids could even get apprehensive and a bit edgy and tend to find several ways to wave off assigned works even before they begin. And, of course, the result of this is well known.

They sometimes spend a lengthy duration getting assignments done. Walking them up the next day will surely be tiring. The possibility of going to school with unfinished work that variably tells more about their grades; affects the connection within the home can surely lead to agitation from both ends.

Certainly, it would be best to rescue how to manage the strife and apprehensions of getting homework done. To make the process of doing homework fun, below are some points on how to make homework an easy and happy ride:

  • Get a conducive place for homework
  • Attach a prize for a finished work
  • Have short intervals to maintain your energy
  • Aid your kids with their homework

Create a conducive environment for homework

One of the major steps to start with is providing a conducive environment for your kids to do their homework. As well as hiring an expert to do homework for your kid at a reliable 123Homework service is a good start, too. You can get a workstation, especially when your child doesn’t have his/her room. Provide a learning table and chair suitable enough for his or her age, where they can arrange their learning materials like books and pens; this gives your child a sense of attachment to the work assigned and helps them learn to take proper care of their own space.

Attach a prize for every finished homework

You might have thought of doing homework without forcing your child, then, give a prize for successfully finishing his/her homework; this may not work for all parents, especially when you consider the cost, except you can afford it.

You may offer an excellent adventure, a trip to the park, a weekend adventure, movie night, or even provide their favorite cookies or chocolate. Get the excitement and plan out methods in building the pleasure out of boring homework.

Take short breaks to conserve and maintain your energy

Don’t make your child sit for a long period without breaks. You can include body exercises like dance, songs, and children’s games, to keep the fun going. It also helps rejuvenate your wasted energy.

Aid your kids with their homework

The point here is never to make your kids feel like they are alone or abandoned. Sometimes, out of your busy schedule, take time to help them look over their homework and offer advice where you can. This act does not allow them to write their assignment from the beginning to the end, but to serve as an encouragement.

Should Homework Be Banned?

Various students have asked many questions about the stop of the practice question. And as well as being argued by many schools of thought.

Taking analysis from the report given shows that questions given as assignments would take more time to solve and provide solutions than those in their classrooms. And also giving points to support and fully agree on banning homework or not. Most articles supported student attitudes to after class works that are time demanding and stressful.

Studies have shown that the reasons why students don’t turn up with their homework are the following;

  1. Downtime at home

Several times, students often want to feel their young age after they must have sat long hours in class or from one lecture room to another. They would like to create time with friends, parents, and watch TV and play video games with friends.

  1. Extra schedules

50% of students combine homework with their business activities or part-time jobs. They are making it difficult to have a total focus on the assignment given.

  1. Doesn’t improve their academic performance

A student who spent like 2 to 4 hours on an assignment would likely not make a reading plan. As they feel these times spent on their homework had covered that.

  1. Lack of Support

Rational intentions of whether homework should get banned are that most instructors fail to clarify everything needed to solve the lesson. And parents can’t help with every assignment given.

  1. Unrelated content

If the homework does not have anything to do with the topic learned in class, then banning it is the way to go.

Benefits of supporting the ban on homework

A ban on homework will cause an open mine to view and be on the screen for a longer period damaging their eyesight when it becomes a continuous act. A responsible lifestyle and performance are the advantages of homework.

  1. Progressive sense of freedom

Most students attempt to acquire more space—a chance to work independently and examine personal weaknesses.

  1. Boost time management

Assignment after class is the fairest means to improve critical thinking skills, individuality, remembrance, and confidence.

  1. Intelligence and critical thinking

Assignments are given after the class to boost the memory to recall things quickly.

  1. Improved research skills

Students seek academic help through detailed sources and references to solve their homework.

  1. Preparations

It is not very suitable for educators to give an assignment a day to their examinations. The assignment is mostly given because it prepares the student for possible expectations on their examination.

  1. Positive attitude to work

Assignments encourage students to seek support from their parents or friends, creating communication between parents and students.

Should homework be banned? There is a division of opinion from the article above, which doesn’t necessarily justify the outright banning of homework. It instead gives reasons why homework should be banned, meaning, if homework and after-school tasks meet certain requirements as stipulated above, there is no need to place a ban on homework.

How To Discipline Your Kid For Overlooking Schoolwork

In the event that you’ve got one more call from your kid’s school detailing that he’s overlooked his schoolwork, you’re presumably out of tolerance.

Regardless of whether your youngster is neglectful or simply doesn’t have any desire to get his work done, he needs to complete it at any rate. A couple of imaginative disciplines maybe only the inspiration he needs to get himself in the outfit and get his work done on schedule.

Regular results

Rather than hollering at your kid when he’s, by and by, overlooked his schoolwork, let him experience the common outcomes of not handing it over on schedule. Basic educators may remove break time and secondary teachers may require the understudy to do an additional task as a discipline for being late. A horrible score is another case of a characteristic result.

At the point when your youngster gets the discipline and is vexed, advise him that he must get his work done on schedule. When he understands that he has the ability to dodge regular outcomes, he may be bound to lock in and complete his schoolwork.

Homework time at home

In the event that your kid keeps overlooking her schoolwork, make extra tasks that she needs to do on head of her typical tasks. Make the tasks exhausting, for example, composing the numbers one through 100 as conveniently as could be expected under the circumstances, or making a rundown of 26 modifiers – one that begins with each letter of the letters in order. In the event that your youngster realizes she’ll have significantly more work to do on the off chance that she doesn’t complete her schoolwork, she may be bound to complete it all alone. You may utilize terrible tasks rather than composed work, as well, as indicated by the Attention on the Family site.

On the off chance that she doesn’t complete her schoolwork on schedule, request that her wash the floor or wipe the entirety of the door handle in your home. The additionally exhausting the task, the more probable she is to complete her school chip away at time whenever around.

An awards framework

Build up an impetus program to spur your youngster to get his work done, the Public Relationship of School Therapists proposes. You may give him a point each time he hands his schoolwork over on schedule. After he gets a specific number of focuses, he can trade them for a prize. The discipline comes in when he doesn’t get his work done.

In case you’re passing out focuses, maybe he doesn’t get one on the off chance that he neglects to get his work done or you may even make a point that he’s now earned if his work isn’t done on schedule. Not getting the prize is regularly a lot of motivating force for a kid to get going and complete his school work when he should.

Compensate the kid

Compensating the kid may sound unfavorable, yet it essentially implies he/she needs to give you a portion of their investing cash every time they neglect to complete the schoolwork. You can pick the amount to charge, for example, $1 for a task that was a day late, $2 in the event that it was two days late, or $5 if your kid simply didn’t do the schoolwork by any stretch of the imagination. The sum you charge relies upon how much recompense your kid gets.

In the event that he/she isn’t inspired and you’ve taken every bit of their cash as of now, make them work off what they despite everything owe you by doing tasks around the house. The first occasion when he/she can’t accept something she truly needs, the kid will likely rethink getting his/her work done whenever around.

How to Complete Your Homework Quickly

To complete your homework quickly, here are steps and guidelines that will help you do that below:

  1. Start with the most difficult and then proceed to the easiest

This is a test-taking technique from Barbara Oakley’s A Mind for Numbers – and it’s all about homework problems.

Here’s how you’re doing:

  • Browse your assigned homework to identify some of the tougher topics, and then start with them.
  • Unless you’re stuck after a minute or two, unplug and move over to a simpler problem. Upon solving a couple of them, you can get back to the tougher question – and you’ll always find that it’s simpler to understand than it was before.

This approach works due to the extreme fact that your brain functions in two different modes of thinking: concentrated mode and refracted mode.

Concentrated-mode is when you explicitly focus solely on a major issue and try to work through it objectively.

At the other side, Oakley notes,

“Diffused-mode learning is what occurs whenever you ease your concentration and let your mind drift. This easing can allow different parts of the brain to come together and give back important insights … Diffuse-mode insights almost always flow from the preliminary thinking that has been done in the focused mode.”

What that implies is that to solve complex problems, you do need patterns of thinking.

Next, you would need to work as hard as you can to “prime the pump” with concentrated thought before you let your mind relax and let diffuse thinking do its thing.

Through using this method, you can fire more areas of the brain and assist you in solving these problems.

  1. Have all details of Class sample problems recorded

It would be best if you had complete notes to be able to learn well and remain comfortable. There’s no way to get around that.

And what if your teacher is the guy who walks around or talks excessively fast?

Here are some ideas to help you take some notes:

  • Record the questions and the answer first, before writing down the solution

Sample questions in the classroom are the best way of making sure you’re learning the correct content while you’re preparing for the exams.

This helps make it easier for you to study after class because even if you don’t know exactly how to solve the question, you can always work from the answer. And if you’re stuck, you can still get help from Google, YouTube, or a friend or check out these fair mypaperwriter reviews.

The whole note-taking methodology works particularly well when you’re starting to fall behind during the class discussion because your teacher is explaining as fast as Kendrick Lamar raping the DNA Bridge.

  • Memorize how you’re trying to educate somebody else.

Ask yourself, “If I had to learn this lesson from the beginning with just my notes, what knowledge would I need? Each little bit of knowledge helps once you’re navigating on a math problem, and an unexpectedly seems to have been turned into a ninja turtle, anywhere between steps 1 and 2.

You can also check out YouTube for full videos for the best ways to get better notes faster.

How Does Homework Help with Time Management?

Many students prefer to abscond from doing their homework themselves. What they don’t know is: homework helps with time management. As a student, knowing how to manage your time is a skill that will make you stand out amongst your peers. It helps you stay focused, achieve your set objectives within a shorter period, and makes you have a free period. Moreover, you need this skill in the future as adults for more career success. But, how exactly does homework help with time management? Read more and find out.

Homework makes you learn how to be self-disciplined

Learning how to manage your time starts with self-discipline. Why do we say so? You have to stop procrastinating to manage time. Timeliness and self-discipline are skills that are individually internalized. Working on homework integrates these skills in individuals. You get used to completing tasks without taking excessive breaks.

You learn to set your priorities

One factor responsible for poor time management is; wasting hours on irrelevant tasks. Some days are filled with essential tasks that must be completed. Knowing how to set your priorities is necessary to complete these tasks and avoid distractions.

Homework makes you learn how to prioritize the essential tasks. How? It teaches you to concentrate on assignments in accordance to how close their deadlines are. Thus, you can easily forgo trivial things and complete the essential tasks on schedule.

It teaches you how to be calculative and time conscious

It is quite usual to have different home tasks to do concurrently.  For example, you may have a History assignment and Maths problem to solve on the same day. When faced with an issue like this, the best thing to do is to calculate how many hours to spend on each assignment.

In the process, you learn to be time conscious so you can complete all the tasks while meeting the deadline. Hence, practicing with homework helps you to manage time, no matter how tight the deadline is.

It teaches you how to complete time-consuming assignments on schedule

Sometimes, teachers give out homework that takes days or weeks to complete. The nature of such an assignment makes the teachers expect every student to return a high quality and well-researched assignment.

Most times, it’s easy for students to lose track of time. Being timely requires some practice. After all, they say practice makes perfect. A student with experience working on long term assignments learns how to complete tasks on schedule while meeting expectations.


Without a doubt, time management is a handy skill that makes us more efficient and productive. It is a skill that is needed by children and adults. The president of the Research Institute for Learning and Development (Dr. Lynn Meltzer) explains that teaching children how to manage time from an early age prepares them for lifetime success. Adults who have internalized the skill from a young age are more efficient, especially at work. If you find it difficult to be timely and organized, practice with your homework to help with time management.

Narrative Writing Assignment High School

Narrative essays are arguably the oldest forms of academic writing. It is, however, noteworthy that some students still struggle when it comes to composing the best papers. Thus, the big question everyone asks is what does it take to craft winning essays? Also, what is the difference between a student who does exceptionally well in essay writing and another who hardly gets good grades?

While this post will emphasize the art of writing, especially how to tackle narrative assignment at a high school level, students should not take it takes a lot of practice to perfect one’s writing skills. In any case, students who want to complete narrative essays fast yet still get good grades must understand that there is more beyond what teachers instruct in the classroom. So, are you ready to get started? Well, read on to learn more.

A great topic wins it all

Every student wishes to craft the best narrative essay assignment. But you should note that without a good topic, your efforts would be meaningless. Thus, the big question you should ask at this point is what makes a good topic? Also, what does it take to come up with the best topic? Well, a good topic should be precise, brief and attention-grabbing. A topic should only contain a few words, say five at most. Or, you could go with the recommended sentence length of 7-8 words.

On what it takes to craft the best essay topic for a narrative writing assignment, there are many ways to go about it. You can make use of essay prompts, brainstorm or get a topic idea by reading narrative examples. Most importantly, your topic must give readers a clue about your write-up. Always remember that topics for narratives involve creativity and should not sound informational, argumentative or expository. Thus, feel free to be as wildly creative as possible.

Pick your genre

In narrative literary composition, students have the freedom of choosing from any genre. Narrative assignments allow flexibility hence feel free to choose a niche that meets your creativity. You can go with drama, fable, fiction, reality, myth, love story, mystery, tragedy and more. Most importantly, be creative.

Have a plot

Narratives must have a plot, without which you will hardly get any marks. A plot is how events unfold in a story. Usually, a plot takes an upward trajectory before declining. The peak marks the juicy part of your story. The end determines whether your story is about tragedy, drama, or any other genre. You can always use suspense, which is a powerful way of ending a story. It always leaves readers yearning for more. However, take note that a good story does not stop. Instead, it ends.


Narrative essays must also have characters. They are who and who in a story. There must be a protagonist and antagonist characters. You can have as many characters as possible, provided their roles are clearly stated in your story. But for easy writing, use characters you can manage without confusing would-be readers.

Dealing With Middle School Writing Assignment

At each phase of their education, students must be inspired to hone and improve their writing abilities. When kids are actually in college, they discover how to begin writing their ideas on paper. No matter the topic they teach, all school faculties must incorporate the process of writing into their curriculum. On top of helping them with their academics, high school students can make use of writing to help you overcome individual issues they might have. From college, high school, and higher, students are going to receive numerous writing assignments on various subjects. Children are allowed by regular writing to express their ideas and could familiarize them with some different writing styles, including persuasive, descriptive, and explanatory essays. The application of created notices for high school students provides kids with innovative ways and fun to explore their writing abilities and the ability to believe and express them on paper. It is usually hard to draw in the attention of high school students, but creative writing communications keep students motivated and keen on writing. Below are exercises for high school students, which will inspire short, plays, and poetry stories.

  • Out Of A Hat

    Observe various models of creative writing, like poetry, remarkable writing, fiction, and memories. Shuffle them and pick one. Then look at genres that are different, like romance, mystery, adventure, comedy, or even horror. Lastly, notice a range of suggestive labels, like dinosaur, cactus, drive-in, librarian, pool table, etc. Select some names and a style at random and make text in this style and genre, which somehow includes those names.

  • Color Inspiration

    Choose a color and allow it to be the guiding design of your story, scene, or poem. Think about the emotions, objects as well as functions related to that other color. Let color run through the story of yours in a subtle and obvious way.

  • Musical Interlude

    Choose a song or perhaps a series of songs with no lyrics. Let the rhythm of the shape is inspired by the music and content of your story. Just how do different instruments start to be objects or perhaps characters different in your space? How can breaks in music influence the plot or maybe the framework of your composition?

  • Capture It

    Find an image in an intriguing magazine or perhaps postcard. Make use of the image to inspire a bit of writing. Just how does the picture resonate with you? What does that remind you of? In case you feel especially ambitious, find a series of independent pictures and make an effort to create the story which connects them.

  • Walk On The Creative Side

    Walk around your area and write down the new issues you think around. How’s the atmosphere? What kinds of plants can you see? Is there anyone else who is walking? Pick everything you notice to encourage new creative writing.

How To Finish Homework Fast: Tips For Students

Home works are the most dreadful task for students. It is sometimes bulky, time-consuming, and filled with a lot of research. How then can you finish home works quicker?
You had every intention to finish your homework before its due date, but you find yourself staring at your textbook and wondering where to start from when you should have started earlier, and now you have few hours to go and a lot of them to do. That can be very frustrating and time-consuming. When you have a lot to do, it can be hard to work effectively.
However, by staying focused and planning out how you spend your time, you will be able to get your homework done on time and have the needed rest you deserve.
This article will give you tips and guidelines on how to write and finish your homework fast.
But, before that, let’s take a little review on why most students might decide to leave their homework until the last minute.

Reasons Students Leave Their Homework Till The Last Minute

First to go on the list is:

  • Procrastination: Procrastination is something that happens to almost everyone. ‘’I’ll get it done. Just a few minutes.” Someone might procrastinate getting their assignments done because they feel the deadline might still be too far, and as such, they consider it something unimportant.
  • Part-time job: Some students work part-time, especially if they are living alone in college, making ends meet. Their jobs might be demanding to the extent they do not have time for themselves and may end up neglecting their academic work.
  • Absence of better materials: If there are no better materials to help assist your work, you might end up prolonging it.

Guidelines And Tips On How To Write Your Homework Fast

  • Draft out a planned time: Make a list of the homework you have and draft out a time that you are sure you will follow! Taking note of how much time you have will help you minimize how you dilly-dally. You could set a timer to help you with the minutes.
  • Stay on track: If your work is something that requires you to go online, it can be very easy to sidetrack and surf other unimportant topics online. A better option would be to make a note of what it is you are searching for so it will be easy to find online.
  • Eliminate all kinds of distraction: If you are the type who gets a lot of calls or likes checking your email for notifications from social media, this will be the time you switch those off. You could put your phone on silence, airplane mode, or let your friends know that you will be busy at a particular moment and will be needing privacy.

  • Get your homework done on time: Saying you will get it done after you rest from a long day in school might just result in you prolonging it. While it’s advisable to rest after school, make sure you prioritize your time and importance.

So here you have it, use these guidelines always to finish your homework fast. Remember that homework is building blocks for good grades.

Who Can Do My Math Homework: Hiring A Skilled Tutor?

The best way to get help with math homework is to get a skilled tutor. Someone who can work one on one with you that actually knows what they are doing. There is no shame in getting the help that you need to be successful. Individuals who excel at math likely make a significant amount of money in their fields. You need to be successful at math to be successful in the future so you should take it serious.

Finding the right tutor is very important. Here are some ways to make sure that you are choosing the right one to get the job done.

  1. Make a list of sites that offer these services
  2. There are a bunch of online tutors out there. There are many services that can connect you with someone who will work with your personally to get your homework done and help you understand the concepts that you need to be successful on your tests as well. You should make a small list of no more than ten of the top companies that you see that you want to use.

  3. Do some research
  4. Do a little research on each of these companies to get to know a little more about them. Identify how long they have been in business and the services that they offer.

  5. Read outside reviews
  6. You can read reviews from outside sources if you can find them.

  7. Ask questions
  8. If you have any questions, it is best to ask before choosing a company. You will not only be able to make an informed decision but you will also be able to know how easy it is to get a response when you need one.

  9. Identify prices
  10. Take a look at the prices as well. How much do they charge an hour? This will ultimately be an important factor in the decision making process.

  11. Narrow down search
  12. Now that you have all of the evidence that you need to make an informed decision, you can start to narrow it down. You should choose three companies and then narrow them down further to one. This makes it a lot easier than trying to choose from ten companies down to one. You will have all of the information that you need to choose the right tutor.